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Affirmations and Visualisations in Hypnobirthing

During Hypnobirthing, I teach about using Affirmations to guide you towards the birth you have visualised. But what exactly does that mean? Very briefly, it means imagining yourself at the point in your future when you are giving birth, and using all of your senses to really FEEL that you are there.

What do you see? You may have your eyes closed for much of the time, so maybe not much! But what room are you in? Hospital room? Birthing suite? Lounge? Bathroom? Bedroom? Are there any pictures, lamps, furniture? What colour are the walls, ceiling, floor?

An Affirmation for this could be: “I am bathed in the golden glow of my lamp as I give birth to my baby.”

What sounds are there in your environment? Music? Laughter? Quiet chat inside or outside the room? Or is it silent? Are you loudly vocalising your birth? Or singing?

An Affirmation for this could be: “I sing the song of my baby as they are born.”

Now what can you smell? Are you using essential oils from time to time? What about body lotion, shower gel, body spray? Has your partner made you a snack that has a wonderful smell?

An Affirmation for this could be: “The scent of fresh cut flowers lifts me up during the birth of my baby.”

And then, what can you taste? The fresh cold glass of water reenergising you? Or is it a warming herbal infusion - peppermint maybe, or lemon and ginger? Are you eating some honey or peanut butter on a slice of toast - brown seeded bread or white?

An Affirmation for this could be: “The taste of oranges brings energy to me as I birth my baby.”

Finally, what can you touch? Are you in a pool so you feel warm water, or are you kneeling on the carpet, leaning over a birth ball? Is your partner holding your hand, stroking your hair, or massaging your back?

An Affirmation for this could be: “The warmth of the water helps me to gently ease my baby into the world.”

Using a mood or vision board can really help you with this, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can buy a cork board, and then print out some of the items you want to visualise from free websites, take your own photos, or even draw your own pictures. This provides a colourful visual focus which you can use at home now and during labour and birth, or take into the Hospital if that is where baby is to be born. Here’s an example for the images and Affirmations above.

What do you think? Have a go at making your own.

The important thing is to spend some time each day with your Affirmations, with or without a mood or vision board. How do the Affirmations make you feel? What emotions are you experiencing? Excitement? Calmness? Positivity? By spending time in the present moment, whilst really imagining how that future feels will result in you truly believing that you can achieve your goal. You will know what will you be like physically and emotionally when you achieve the birth you have envisaged for yourself.

Do we use Affirmations just for birth? Absolutely not! Affirmations can be used in any life situation such as applying for a new job, going for a promotion, moving house, getting a car... the list is endless. All you have to do is really think about how you will feel when you are successful, when you have reached your goal. For example, you could use the following Affirmations:

“I am the new starter at (new employers name).” (Visualise what the uniform is like, what time you will start etc.)

“I am the new Head of Department.” (Visualise what your first team meeting will be like, who is on your team etc.)

“I open the door to my new house using my own key.” (Visualise the colour of the door, is there a driveway etc.)

“I drive into town in my brand new car.” (Hear the sound of the engine, visualise what the steering wheel feels like in your hands etc.)

Try thinking back to times in your life when you have been successful in something, can you remember how you felt?

Remember, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

Use your Affirmations well, and you will achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Jeanette Dean, Midwife, Hypnobirthing instructor, Antenatal educator, Pregnancy massage therapist.

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