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Why do I charge for Hypnobirthing?

From as far back as 1100BC people have been using some form of physical item to pay for goods and services instead of a bartering system. Bartering was a way of exchanging your skills or surplus goods for other people’s skills or goods. As people placed different values on skills and goods, the bartering system could be quite lengthy and complicated. Eventually, a standard measure of worth for coins and notes was established, and people with skills or goods in demand became able to ask for money for the goods or services they provide.

But how much worth do you place on goods or services? If something is not very expensive, does this mean it is too good to be true, and if something is very expensive, does it become totally out of your price range. How do you rate something or someone’s worth?

As a businesswoman, this is a very difficult question to answer, because I need to establish the worth of my product at a level which is also acceptable to you, the paying client.

So let me ask you: for a couples Hypnobirthing course, how much would you be prepared to pay? £370? £200? £350? £225? £195? These are all genuine prices I have found Hypnobirthing courses listed for in the UK by doing an internet search.

How much do I charge?

£150.00 for a 10-12 hour course. That’s £12.50-£15.00 per hour.

Why do I charge the amount I do?

Well that is a complicated question.

For you, Hypnobirthing is not just a set of tools and techniques to help you be more calm and relaxed during labour and birth. Nor is it the addition of some antenatal education so you understand the physiology of labour and birth. While it is both of those, it is so much more.

It is...

the knowledge that is developed through discussion in a non-judgemental, safe space.

the power that comes from within you as you realise the untold strength you possess.

the closeness you will share with your birth partner as you decide on what is important to you both during labour, birth, and beyond.

the skills you will have, not just for labour and birth, but for every future life event involving choice and decision making.

How can you or I put a price on that?

For me, it is not just the Degree Certificate and the Hypnobirthing Diploma which says I am qualified to be a Midwife and a Hypnobirthing teacher. Although obviously, there has to be some form of qualification.

It is...

the 3 years of my life I devoted to studying for my 1st Class (Honours) Midwifery Degree.

the 100% attendance rate I had at both University and on placement in hospitals and other settings.

the days out I missed out on while my children were growing up, as I needed to study or go to placement.

the guilt I felt when I couldn’t attend a play or concert or other school event.

the exhaustion I felt when I somehow managed to fit in e v e r y t h i n g I needed to do on very little sleep.

the times I multi-tasked writing an essay while supervising homework.

the times I went to work in the morning before the children were awake, and returned that evening long after they had gone to sleep.

the times the shift pattern I worked (Late-Long Day-Early) meant I didn’t see my children for 2 days.

the Saturdays and Sundays I facilitated Hypnobirthing courses so that I could enhance my skills, and again missed out on family time.

But it is still so much more than that.

It is the knowledge that for each and every person or couple who attends my course, they leave with a new level of self-awareness, having tapped into their inner-most self.

Is that worth £150.00? I think so. Do you?

Jeanette Dean, Midwife, Hypnobirthing instructor, Antenatal educator, Pregnancy massage provider.

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